Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Feingold baking

Our time in Spokane is drawing to a close.  We've been so lucky to be staying with friends and housesitting.  Besides the major budgetary appeal, nothing beats the comfort of home... even if it isn't actually ours.

Between all our outings, I've been keeping busy in the kitchen.  We're still enjoying the novelty of cooking 2+ meals a day at home (unlike Thailand, where we can eat out often without breaking the bank.). In addition, I've been making all kinds of goodies.  We can't always find approved treats for the boys when we are out and about, but even when we can, they aren't cheap. I think when I make sure there are plenty of special things to eat at home, they don't mind too much when we have to say no.

Last week I made GF snickerdoodles.

And ice cream sandwiches with approved (and on-sale!) Tillamook ice cream.

Then, this week I made chocolate chip cookies!  M wants to make these cookies to sell at a lemonade stand. Think there would be any takers?

Since being here in Spokane I've also tried a few new things.


And a cherry pie!

Both the poptarts and the pie are courtesy of Feingold-approved pie crusts I found at the Gro{ss} Out for 38 cents.

This week we'll be heading into a new home in a new town.  There may not be as much going on as in Spokane, but at least we'll have another great kitchen!

Perry street fair and Discovery playground

The latest in the whirlwind-of-fun tour of Spokane was the Perry Street Fair. 

It was family-friendly and free: just our style. 

Kids with balloons!

Potato sack races!

Parachute games!

(Let me just say, the library was giving out hyper-color pencils!  As if they needed another reason to be our favorite!)

There was all kinds of junk food, too, of course. But we packed a picnic lunch and ate on our friends' porch!

Whim checked out the music- I'm sure he would have loved to play, but even his luck has its limits.

Our day didn't end there.  We headed to the valley to check out the discovery playground, and ended the night with Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the park.

The park was really something.  I read it was designed with children with autism in mind.  We would have liked to explore it more, but it was a little rainy.

By the time we sat down for the movie, it was freezing!  Next time we'll be prepared with blankets and sweaters!

We lasted until about 11:15 pm before we gave up and headed home.  I'm pretty impressed with myself, actually.

Part of me knows we're spoiling the boys with all the activities, but the other part of me doesn't care.  

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Spokane farmers markets

One of our favorite things to do in Spokane has been visiting the many farmers markets.

There are markets in different districts all over town on different days of the week, each with fresh produce, handicrafts, food trucks, goodies, and entertainment.

The boys' favorite is how they can earn kids' cash to buy fruits and veggies right there at the market.  They've walked away with gold and red raspberries, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, and carrots. What a wonderful initiative that gets fresh fruits and veggies into the hands of the city's kids.  And it's free!

Plus, this week Whim got to play on stage at the Kendall Yards market, thanks to our friend S.  The developer liked him so much, he invited him back next week.  Whim knows he can't play for a living while we're here in the US, but the chance to play for a crowd still brings him a lot of joy!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cheney parade 2016

Since arriving back in Spokane, one of our best outings has been the Cheney parade!

The boys had a blast and gathered tons of candy!  They couldn't eat anything but the Pearson mint patties, but the fun was in the scrambling!

I went to elementary school in Cheney, so it was a little trip down memory lane seeing our old apartments, my old school and playground, and all the places we used to ride our bikes!

We even drove to my old best friend's house and said hello to her dad!

A good, old fashioned parade was high on my American must-see list!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Spring Canyon 2016

Our last day in Coulee was spent at Spring Canyon.

We were happy to find our neighbor friends there, too!  That's the fun of a small town, isn't it?

It wasn't quite what I'd call beach weather, but we made the best of it and even swam out to the dock to jump!

We had an quick and easy picnic - pb&js are a lot cheaper than approved hot dogs!!

I'm not sure what is up with the weather, but I do hope we get some hot summer days, soon!

We visited Dad's gravesite on the way home, and we took some time to talk about him and keep his stories alive.  It breaks my heart that my kids don't get to grow up with him, and this year at home should have included time with him.  But hearing about him is the next best thing.