Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Walk like an Egyptian

"And I know what you're thinking: Sekhmet, daughter of Ra, could basically be considered Ra's personal assassin, right?"

That is totally not what I was thinking...

I liked the mythology obsession so much more before Egypt came along. I loved Greek mythology, and the recent journey into mythical creatures has been so fascinating.  Give me a 20-minute monologue about hippogriffs and boggarts or færies, any day.  But hippo gods and Anubis and sarcophagus rubbings... I don't know.  It takes all the self restrain I have not to roll my Eye of Horus!

There is one sweet memory I'd like to hang on to from this season in M's life, through.  One afternoon, he and L were using a library book to write hieroglyphic  messages to eachother, and in that brief moment, life was easy.  M snuggled up to me and asked if I could have a meeting with his teacher to see "if there was any way hieroglyphics and Egyptology could be added to the schedule for first grade?" It was just so earnest.  Like it just might be possible.

If homeschooling ends up being part of our future, that will be our first class.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Talent show

M and his friend performed a duet for our school's Staff Family Fun day talent show.  They were wonderful.  Whim accompanied them and made sure that any little hiccups of rhythm were easily smoothed over, they sang confidently, and it was just precious.

The rest the J family, namely, poor L and his sorry, sorry mom, weren't so lucky. The short version is that I completely, utterly, and irreparably messed up his Rubik's cube act.  The long version is much, much cringier and more mortifying, involving almost ten minutes of extremely awkward slow clapping, but it revolves around the same major plot point.

The good part is that, somehow, L is blessedly unfazed by the fact that it took us three times longer than it was supposed to, and that one of us ultimately walked off stage with an unfinished cube.  

He's good.  He was completely proud of himself, and not in a "well, we tried our best" kind of way.  From his perspective, it was awesome.  He did it!  I was not so lucky, and went through a range of humiliation stages that could rival the stages of grief. But in the end, I'm ok.  It didn't go as we planned.  It was not cool or impressive.  But for L, it was fun, and that's why we signed up.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Caps for cure cuties

Aside from being Little Chef day in K5, Thursday was also our school-wide Caps for Cure fundraiser day.

L, naturally, had zero qualms about wearing his new Ninja Turtle bike helmet to class.

I snagged this pic of M from his book blog queue, because I didn't get a proper one.  Fitting picture, though, considering how long he wept the other night, almost sick with worry that there wouldn't be books in heaven.

"I'm just thinking there are some really special ones that I will want to re-read sometimes, and we can't take even one!"

Do you think there are physical things like books in heaven?  I told him what I believe: the Bible promises that there is no sadness or disappointment in heaven.  So either heaven is full of enough books to satisfy him for eternity, or it will be otherwise so unimaginably wonderful that it would make him forget all about them. I hardly knew what to say, to be honest, because I just don't relate.  I feel so apathetic in comparison!

I've said this before, but it becomes clearer all the time... his relationship with books and words is so different from any interest, or hobby, or pursuit I've ever been involved in.

I'm a card-carrying nerd, and I love to read as much as any other introverted bookworm, but I never even thought to wonder if I was going to be able to read in heaven.  The same is true for all the "passions" that I have pursued throughout my lifetime.  They ebb and flow and change, through the different seasons. But they have never meant as much to me as this does for him.

L's K5 Little chef day

Today was L's Little Chef day in Kindergarten!

The kids baked bread, made peanut butter, and topped mini pizzas.  With just a few additive-free substitutions, L was able to participate right alongside his classmates.

I'm still so proud of that hat!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

I can do anything good

Organizing/decorating our house over the past seven years has basically been a never-ending game of musical bookshelves.

When you've got an entire brand-new, empty house to fill on a budget, well... bookshelves it is, right?  At least, that's what we did.  Even our kitchen was mostly bookshelves until pretty recently.

Our house is probably never going to be the stuff of magazine photos, but we're slowly tackling one project at a time, and I love it when one of those early bookshelves finds a place that finally makes sense.

Today we moved an under-used and weirdly-placed shelf from our room into the boys' room (with its twin, which has been there for several years in various incarnations), and now they finally have room to store all their puzzles and board games!

I couldn't be happier... except maybe if I had figured out a way to organize their clothes while I was at it.