Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rainbow ring

We see rainbow rings in Thailand from time to time.  Something about the latitude and the rainy season make them a rare, but not impossible-to-find, treat that we sometimes see on our luckiest days.

I never even knew they could happen in the US!

We stopped to stretch our legs and take pictures (always!) and Whim noticed it.

I humored him with a few pictures and he took the one that may end up being my favorite from the whole trip.  

It makes me feel like we're on a great adventure.  And we are!


The Grand Coulee Dam 2016

We wrapped up our time in Colville with a delicious Thai dinner (thanks Whim) and then said a teary goodbye and headed out for a quick trip to GCD.

For the record, as I kid I thought Grand Coulee was boring, ugly, and dry.  

I can't really deny that it is dry, but 'boring' places are quickly becoming my favorite, and the beauty is there if you know where to look.  (Hint: look up!)

We took the kids to view the Dam and check out the VAC.  I had never seen it since it was remodeled.  It's amazing!

The VAC is full of hands-on learning opportunities and interesting exhibits for kids. 

The jackhammer really vibrated! (With a fraction of the power).

Giant viewfinder binoculars give you a closer look at the dam itself.  (Sad that we can't walk across it anymore, like in the old days, but that's nothing new.)

An underwater work suit.

The whole place was bustling with machines generated on kid-power, real equipment that kids could touch and try, scale models, interactive games...

Compared to the handful of black and white photos it had back when we were kids, now it feels like a full-on children's museum.

The park was as beautiful as ever, with grass to run and play on and perfect trees to climb.

We didn't make it to the laser show, so that's all the more reason to be sure and head back soon for another quick trip.

Colville Beauty

I already posted most of these pictures on social media, but I couldn't resist compiling them all in once place.  Colville must be one of the most beautiful places in the United States.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Gilette Lake 2016

One of the highlights of our trip so far, (and not likely to lose that position for the rest of the trip) was our campout in beautiful Gilette Lake.

Everywhere you looked was beautiful open skies and lush forests. Before we had even reached the campsite, we were astounded by the natural beauty!

That's us!

And here's Whim getting a shot of our amazing hosts.

Within five minutes of reaching the site, we spotted a deer through the trees, and Whim was off to try to get some pictures!

Eventually we realized that the deer would be our constant companion.  But the first few sightings were so thrilling!

It was perfect.  A little cool, but that just made the fire all the more welcoming.  One drizzly day, but that just prompted us to take a drive.  The company was perfect, the view was divine, and the food was amazing!

Check out Corey cooking over the open flames!  We invented some pretty amazing breakfast potatoes, too.

No camp out would be complete without s'mores!  We made it work with what we could find.

I'm so glad the kids got the chance to connect with their cousins.  And the great outdoors just made it that much better.

Moving On

Documenting our travels is important to me, and I have hardly posted since we arrived in the US!

Our beautiful Lady of the Lake trip and L's birthday party and trip to Rocky Reach dam pictures were on our old phones.  
First world problems, I know, but I couldn't skip L's birthday on here, so I kept waiting to post about our newest adventures until I had gone back and done it. (And the old phone is dead as a doornail and in my bag... somewhere.)

But if I keep that up, I'll be weeks behind and never catch up.  Future L, I promise you had a special 6th birthday, and I'll post about it soon.

After a whirlwind week in Wenatchee (thanks mom!), we shifted gears and headed to my sister's home in Colville.  On the way, my old friend texted me that she was in town (the same town we were passing through and stopping at for lunch) so we had an unexpected but welcome meet up at Chipotle. 

It may be an odd place for a reunion, but they have delicious, Feingold-approved rice bowls!!

Nothing like some awkward fast food restaurant photos to memorialize a special moment.

About a hundred hours later, we finally reached Colville for our long-awaited sissy/cousin reunion.

I laughed the whole week.  My sister cracks me up like nobody else. A funny friend with the added bonus of a whole shared history, old inside jokes and memories of weird stories and people. It's a perfect storm of lols.

The kids were happy, wherever they were.  I wouldn't know, I was hanging out with my sister. They emerged from time to time for meals and bandaids... 

The night we left, L asked, "Cousins can get married, right?  When they grow up?"