Sunday, May 24, 2015


Last Tuesday I saw- for only the second time in my life- a 360 degree rainbow around the sun.

They probably aren't as rare as I'd like to think.  I admit, I don't often look up at the midday sun.  But they sure feel special.

Whim made a makeshift filter with his sunglasses and took a quick iphone pic.

The end of the school year is so hectic- report cards to write, special days to plan and pull off, lots of lasts... This moment was a welcome reminder to just pause and enjoy beautiful moments.

This morning L asked me if there is a job where you can travel to other countries and tell people about God.  What a sweet moment.  He is such a loving boy.

Then this afternoon, as M and the other kindergarteners practiced for their graduation, I watched as he sang proudly and carefully followed every hand motion.  There was a clutch of boys being silly to his left, but he never wavered. Last year he would have joined them without a second thought.  What a proud moment.  He's such a good boy.

This part of the year can be so tough, but it's still full of beautiful moments.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

L being cute

L had an asthma attack at school on Thursday- which his teacher and the nurse handled perfectly, I'm so glad to say- so he stayed home yesterday to rest.  

His asthma is so tricky to me.  It's not exercise-induced.  It's not emotionally enduced (I would have been so ready for that one thanks to my many years of devotion to the baby sitters club). But a cold or allergies sets it off, and he seems to go from zero to ICU in hours.

So when he looked allergy-y yesterday morning before school, I sent him back to bed, and he spent the day with Whim.

They showed up to M's play last night looking like this:

Talk about taking someone's breath away!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Night 2

Mr. G treated all the actors to pizza before tonight's performance and graciously invited M and A, too.

M wouldn't be able to eat it, but we wanted him to have that shared experience.  

Whim came through with an additive-free special delivery, and M got to sit and eat pizza with his cast mates.

I know I overthink things, but that moment was important to M.  And finding a way to let him participate in things like this respects his social needs while still allowing him keep his diet, which is a necessity for him. He wouldn't have complained about a sandwich or a takeout box of fried rice instead. But for a while, they were all just kids eating pizza.

The play was absolutely electric tonight, and M was encouraged by so many friends and teachers who came to support him.

I hope the good feelings from this experience with stay with him for ever.

Opening night

Look at these cuties on opening night! 

M has had such a wonderful time being part of this group.

He and A did so well.  They were definitely stiffer than in practice when they saw all the people in the audience, but they knew their lines and took their roles seriously.  M didn't crack a smile the entire dance number!

The rest of play itself was fun and silly and wonderful.  But the most magical thing happened after they took their bows.

One of the eight-graders swooped M up onto his back and raced him through the crowd, high fiving people left and right while A chased at their heels.

With the music, and the cheers, and M's peals of laughter, I was almost overwhelmed with happiness.  If I could have had a way to articulate it, that moment would have been my wish for M since the beginning.  That through the play he would be a part of something bigger than himself, feel accepted, and to experience something just like that piggy back ride.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


I noticed a skin tag on M's neck a couple months ago.  It came out of nowhere.

I once worked with a lady with hundreds of skin tags all over her neck and collar.  She used to wear these necklaces and I lived in constant fear of a snag.  Just remembering those necklaces gave me shudders.

I put my aunt C's homemade balm of gilead on it and it shriveled up and fell off.


I love modern medicine, but I love it even more when I can avoid it.